An architectural statement in luxurious living. Rising majestically above its environment to offer spectacular sweeping views, Jardine casts a commanding silhouette against the tranquil suburban skyline.

Distinguished by flowing curved balconies and floor to ceiling black tinted glass, the captivating facade shimmers with a contemporary aesthetic to form an iconic statement in modern design.

Lush vertical gardens interact with timber privacy screens and ribbed, curved concrete to sculpture a unique mosaic work of art that contextualises Jardine within its leafy surrounds.


Where opulence isn’t an option, it’s a standard.
Constantly striving for design innovation, superior amenities and bespoke finishes, Luxcon creates unique living environments.
Representing the pinnacle of our development philosophy is our Limited Edition Collection. Designed for the most discerning buyers, these rare and exclusive residences are immaculately completed to the finest lavish detail.
With absolutely no upgrades or enhancements required, an opulent way of life is standard with the Luxcon Limited Edition Collection.