Interior Trends of Spring 2017

By Luxcon Interior Designer- Irina Melnikoff


Spring is officially here and we cannot wait to welcome bright and sunny days!

The start of spring always brings with it the spirit of renewal and fresh beginnings.

This is a great opportunity to give your home a breath of fresh air.

As the saying goes, all good makeovers start with a spring clean.

Once the hard work is done its time to start styling!

Here are a few of my favourite simple tips on how to style your home for spring:



Upholstered Bedheads are set to replace the timber frames that have been dominating the market for years.

They have been a staple item in luxury hotels for a while, but now it’s time to bring the luxury hotel feel into our own bedrooms.

Furnishing or changing your headboard helps to create a more luxurious feel, even in the most modest surroundings.

They are easy to customize, repair and replace.

This allows you to modify your bedroom’s appearance easily with a simple change of bed sheets and a new upholstered bedhead.


Fresh flowers enhance the interior design of your home without breaking the bank.

They are also a fantastic way to inject colour into your home, but they must tie in with your existing colour scheme.

If you have a lot of bright furnishings, choose a key colour for your flower arrangement.

If your home has minimal colour palette, go for a bright colour bouquet, which will add instant warmth and energy.

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with all white floral arrangement, it will compliment any home.


Pastel colours are again one of the latest trends in home decorating.

Light pastel tones are tender, soothing and sensual, creating a retreat-like atmosphere.

Scattering pastels throughout your interior is a great way to bring in some colour without having it overpower everything else. Whether its cushions, a chair or even a splashback.

For a modern scheme, keep your pastels subtle and pale, then punctuate them with some darker tone hints.

Pastels also make a perfect accompaniment to a white scheme

Introducing pastels is an easy and cost effective way to add those beautiful spring colours to your space.