Decorating with Baskets for Style and Storage

By Irina Melnikoff – Interior Designer


We love Decorating with baskets!

Baskets are so versatile ….whether they are holding toys, fresh bread, towels in your bathroom, firewood in your living room, magazines or organising a crafts room they look great!

Use of baskets can instantly add texture to your room, provide storage options, as well as being inexpensive and versatile home decor accessories.

Woven wicker, knit, crochet or metal wire ones – there are so many options when it comes to baskets.

You can choose them according to your existing decor: crochet ones for the Scandinavian inspired spaces, traditional wicker ones to add a rustic touch and metal wire baskets for industrial or vintage rooms.

Use baskets to organise items that you need often but don’t want on display.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Keep all of your essential accessories organised with storage baskets
  2. Hide all the toys in metal wire baskets
  3. Place your umbrellas in a tall basket
  4. Arts and craft supplies often become disorganised, with a few beautiful baskets you can keep everything organised and beautifully displayed